Welcome to Maritime Environmental Training Institute (M.E.T.I.)

As a private career college, we have been providing quality, cross-industry training since 1998. We specialize in delivering superior, cost effective environmental, occupational and safety training for both the public and private sectors.

M.E.T.I. is proud to be working with over 400 businesses and organizations, providing instructor led occupational training, coast to coast.

In addition to our full-time programs and individual safety courses, we accommodate over 700 managers globally, who train their employees with us, on-line.

M.E.T.I; A Career College Providing Certified Training for Today’s Industries …Coast to Coast

What Else Does M.E.T.I. Provide?

  • Skills development training
  • Customized training for individuals, organization and companies
  • Skills upgrading
  • Corporate training
  • Youth job-preparation training
  • Training designed and developed by certified curriculum development specialists and subject matter experts

What’s happening at M.E.T.I.?

Sign up for the next Class 1 Driver – Tractor Trailer Program.  Class starts July 18.