Welcome to Maritime Environmental Training Institute (M.E.T.I.)

As a private career college, located in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada, we have been providing quality, industry- driven training since 1998.

A cross-industry training provider, M.E.T.I. specializes in delivering quality, cost effective environmental, occupational and safety training for both the public and private sectors.

What Types of Programs And Training Does M.E.T.I. Provide?

What Positions Are Held by M.E.T.I. Graduates?

In What Industries Are M.E.T.I. Graduates Working?

  • Oil and Gas (upstream, mid-stream and downstream)
  • Manufacturing and Processing
  • Mining
  • Industrial Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Natural Resources

Where Are M.E.T.I. Graduates Working?

  • In Nova Scotia
  • In Newfoundland and Labrador
  • In Maritime Canada
  • In Western Canada
  • Across Canada
  • Globally (Europe, The Middle East, Asia)

Why Study at M.E.T.I.?

Obtaining training and certification from M.E.T.I. places you among a specialized group within industry.

As an M.E.T.I. graduate, you will be well-versed in safe work practices and conditions, industry-related legislation and regulations, and industry recognized practices.  You will possess a skill set that every industry craves.

Employers, leaders in operations and safety supervisors all know that an incident-free workplace is a profitable workplace.  They know that the ambition of 0 incidents is as desired as a profit margin.  They know that M.E.T.I. graduates have the skills to share this vision.

Quality, innovation, integrity and commitment are the cornerstones of Maritime Environmental Training Institute’s operations.

How Does M.E.T.I. Ensure Qualified And Endorsed Training?

M.E.T.I. ensures our training is current, is in demand and meets the ever changing needs of the labour market, by maintaining association with: