WHMIS Online Refresher Training
Online refresher training is perfect for workers who need an annual or timely refresher.
This condensed training program covers WHMIS regulations, controlled products, labels and material safety data sheets (MSDSs). All of the instructional design and access/administrative/privacy functionality features provided in the full WHMIS Online Training Program are available in the Online Refresher Training program.


This training should be taken only where and when the worker has previously successfully completed the full WHMIS Online Training program. The Refresher Training would be suitable for annual refreshers, where there has been some change or where the employer feels it is not necessary for the worker to repeat the full program.
Caution: Remember, it is the employer’s duty to ensure that the worker is competent at all times.

Accessibility & Privacy

For individual purchasers, this program is web-accessible 24/7. You will pay by credit card when you register. For companies making group purchases (10 or more) please contact your client services representative at 1-877-800-6384.
Separate training and administration login screens and special access features for trainers/ administrators. Call 1-877-800-6384 or contact us at training@metiatlantic.com

Product Code
WBT1500 1-20 $19.95
21-50 $18.95
51-100 $18.00
101-200 $17.00
201-300 $15.50
301-500 $14.00
501-750 $11.50
751-1000 $9.00
1001+ $7.50

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