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Asbestos Awareness Training Course

Our Asbestos Awareness Training Course is designed for anyone who renovates or demolishes structures built before 1980.

Our Asbestos Awareness Training Course is for anyone who works with structures built before 1980.  These older buildings contain PACM (Presumed Asbestos Containing Material), so this Asbestos Awareness course is designed with you in mind. Many prime contractors look for workers who have an Asbestos Awareness Certificate.

Our Asbestos Awareness Training Course provides training on what asbestos is, the major groups of asbestos, the types of asbestos used throughout the construction and manufacturing industries, the conditions under which asbestos becomes hazardous, health effects of exposure to asbestos and locating Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in homes and structures.

This Asbestos Awareness Course will give you the necessary background on working with the hazards that exist on sites that have asbestos present.

Asbestos Awareness Training Course

After successfully completing this Asbestos Awareness Training Cours, you should be able to identify products that may contain asbestos, recognize the properties of asbestos and asbestos containing material, identify the health effects of exposure to asbestos-containing material and appropriately react when identifying around asbestos-containing material.

Asbestos Awareness Training Course Key Benefits

Our Asbestos Awareness certification provides you with the training industry is looking for:

  • Instruction from industry-experienced and certified instructor
  • Identifying asbestos containing material
  • Two Major Groups of Asbestos; friable and non-friable
  • Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and Presumed Asbestos Containing Material (PACM)
  • Common Uses of Asbestos
  • Types of Asbestos; Chrysotile Asbestos, Amosite Asbestos and Crocidolite Asbestos
  • Health effects of exposure to asbestos containing material
  • Experiencing Asbestos-Related Diseases

Your Asbestos Awareness Ticket

Your Asbestos Awareness Ticket is provided on completion of this course.  Whether you are looking for a Asbestos Awareness Certificate, or completion of a Asbestos Awareness Course, this is the correct course.  Upon completion of this Asbestos Awareness Course, you will receive a wallet-size Asbestos Awareness Ticket or Asbestos Awareness Certificate (call it what you will), that will show prospective employers that you have the credentials.

Your Asbestos Awareness Certificate

Prospective employers may require confirmation of your Asbestos Awareness Certificate.  We keep your records on file permanently.  Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your Asbestos Awareness Certificate.

Group Pricing for Asbestos Awareness Training is available. Please contact us at (902) 539-9766, or send us an email at training@metiatlantic.com for more information.

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