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Hoisting and Rigging Training

M.E.T.I.’s Hoisting and Rigging Training provides instruction and practice on how to safely and effectively work with lifting machines.

M.E.T.I.’s Hoisting and Rigging Training gives you the industry recognized instruction, training, and certification you need for rigging loads and crane signaling.

Along with rigging and communicating with the operators of lifting machines, an emphasis is also placed on the inspection and use of wire and natural fiber ropes, synthetic slings, and identifying load weights and sling configurations.

Many work sites, whether within processing, manufacturing, construction or oil and gas, require lifting loads and working with lifting machines.  Hoisting and Rigging Training from M.E.T.I. prepares you to work safely and effectively with loads and lifting machines and their operators.

Key Benefits to M.E.T.I.’s Hoisting & Rigging Course

Our Hoisting & Rigging certification provides you with the training industry is looking for:

  • Instruction from industry-experienced and certified instructor
  • Estimating weights
  • Rigging loads
  • Signaling
  • Inspection and use of wire and natural fiber ropes and synthetic slings
  • Identifying load weights and sling configurations

Your Hoisting & Rigging Ticket

Your Hoisting & Rigging Ticket is provided on completion of this course.  Whether you are looking for a Hoisting & Rigging Ticket, a Hoisting & Rigging certificate, or completion of a Hoisting & Rigging course, this is the correct course.

Upon completion of this Hoisting & Rigging Training program, you will receive a wallet-size Hoisting & Rigging Ticket or Hoisting & Rigging Certificate (call it what you will), that will show prospective employers that you have the credentials.

Hoisting and Rigging Training

Your Hoisting & Rigging Certificate

Prospective employers may require confirmation of your Hoisting & Rigging Certificate.  We keep your records on file permanently.  Feel free to have your prospective employer contact M.E.T.I. to confirm your Hoisting & Rigging Certificate.

Group Pricing for your Hoisting & Rigging Course is available. Please contact us at (902) 539-9766, or send us an email at training@metiatlantic.com for more information.

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Hoisting & Rigging training Course Prerequisites

The student must come to the Hoisting & Rigging Course with a basic knowledge of mathematics, calculating the volume of varying shapes.

Hoisting & Rigging Course participants must be physically capable of performing the required exercises to pass the Hoisting & Rigging training program.