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19 July, 2018

Forklift Operator Safety Training

February 18, 2020 @ 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Upon completion of this classroom based and simulated learning experience, the participant should be able to identify and control hazards, while demonstrating safe operation of “lift trucks” in compliance with provincial and federal regulations.

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Another Environmental Health & Safety Technician success story. Tim tells his story of now working in the Film and Television Industry.

“Timothy Ryan 5 years ago, I found myself at a crossroads- wondering what I would do career-wise, as the repetitive circle of what I knew- what I was comfortable with doing- was not paying the bills.
I wasn't happy.
I took the chance of enrolling in the Environmental Health and Safety Technician program.
It wasn't easy. It wasn't hard. I just put myself to the task of completing the program, and taking one day at a time, one class at a time.
Believe me, I never have excelled at school, that's for sure.
The instructors of this program were all genuine, good hearted people. They were all Industry professionals who took the time to help myself and fellow classmates, as at times, we all needed it.

After graduating, no, this program did not "get me a job".
What it did do, was give me the skills, certifications, and attitude necessary for success.
Having employable skills, and certifications gives you a competitive edge over anyone else.

Upon completion of the program, I found almost instant employment with one of North America's leading health and safety companies. This job not only opened doors for me but let me see the infinite possibilities available to someone like myself, with employable skills and training.

Then... I watched the oil and gas industry fall apart. The economy crumbles.
Did I go down without a fight? Absolutely not. I adapted.
I found myself now working high rise tower construction in Vancouver, British Columbia. I purchased my first new vehicle. A high-end luxury 4x4. Things were finally happening for me.
With employable skills and certifications, I quickly picked up on new trades and opportunities, I found myself once again stepping out of my comfort zone- and sent an application into a union for something I never would have even dreamt of doing 5 years ago- the Film and Television Industry.
Fast forward to today- I am now a full union member of IATSE Local 891 in Burnaby BC as a rigger. (Rigging Grip). My day consists of building staging, scaffolding, operating on-set equipment in a safe and professional manner, ariel platform use and operation, pretty much everything camera and lighting related. I have worked directly with A-list celebrity talent, and have worked major feature films for Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Paramount, and Netflix to name a few.
Every day I use skills learned at METI, throughout my years in the Oil and Gas industry, and the construction industry.
I am now employed not only in a generous 6 figure career, but a career I love.
I look forward to going to work.

I owe a huge part of my success, to the team at METI, as well as Mr. Joe Pembroke for giving me an opportunity to take ahold of my life- and my career. Thank you.

No, this program will not "get you a job".
It will provide some skills- so you can get your SELF a job. None of my success came easy. I worked for it. And so, can you...

Thanks again METI. I’ve been meaning to update you all of what I’ve been up to since we last spoke. I’ll try and pop into the school and say hi this June.”
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The following additional courses have been added to our calendar.

March 3 – OSSA Elevated Work Platform
March 5 – H2S Alive

Please call 902-539-9766 (Toll Free 1-877-800-6384) or
email to reserve a seat.
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Tomorrow's training (February 19) at METI includes the following. If you see a course you're interested in, please contact us: 902-539-9766 or

Class 1 Driver (Nov 25) – Tractor Trailer
Group 2 – Driving
Group 3 – Driving

Temporary Workplace Signage (TWS) with Instructor Mellissa in Classroom C

H2S Alive with Instructor Chris in Classroom F

Forklift with Instructor Harold in Classroom E

Asbestos Abatement with Instructor Blaine with Classroom B

Please remember you can train with METI anytime online
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