Admissions Process

Admissions Process for Local, Regional, and National Students

The Admissions Process for Local, Regional, and National Applicants includes the following steps:

(If you are an International Student, please Click Here)

1. Complete the student application
You can pick up and drop off a copy of this form at our office at 301 Alexandra Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2E8. You can download the application by clicking here or here to complete the online application form.

Please note, METI waives the application fee.  It does not cost to apply to our programs.

2. Education Requirements (Must meet ONE of the following)
To be eligible for admission to M.E.T.I.’ s diploma/certificate programs, the applicant must have one of the following:

Proof of High School Completion

Submit official Grade 12 Transcript of Marks (If your high school does not have a copy of your transcript, please contact your local School Board Office or Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education for a copy.); or
Original Diploma (to be photocopied by the school) ;
GED; or
Level IV academic upgrading; or
Successfully completion of a provincially recognized test showing an effective grade 12 equivalence; or
Proof of Diploma Program Completion (Please note, this must be a 2 year diploma program approved by Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education)

Submit official Transcript of Marks; or
Original Diploma (to be photocopied by the school)

If you did not complete a Grade 12 (or equivalent), have been Home-schooled, graduated with an Individual Program Plan (IPP),  or you do not have recognized secondary education, you will need to complete a standardized test of your academic readiness for some of METI’s programs. This testing is available at METI and an Admissions Team member will help you with the process.

3. Submit a Resume
Submit an up-to-date resume as part of the application process. Resumes should include education and work experience. If you have any questions about the detail required, please call us at (902) 539-9766.

4. Interview
Applicants may be required to participate in an interview either in person or by phone. The aptitude test is a proprietary test that may be administered by M.E.T.I. for applicants and does not determine acceptance.

5. Drop Off
Applicants can drop off the completed application in person or mail it to the school (301 Alexandra Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2E8) or the completed application can be sent via fax (902) 567-1029 or via email:

6. Registration

Once the application package has been submitted, it will be reviewed for admission.

When an acceptance letter is issued, the applicant will have to complete the Registration Process for their program.  A member of the METI Admissions Team will contact you to start the registration process.  There will also be a non-refundable $50 registration fee to reserve a seat for your program. Please note this registration fee will be applied towards your tuition.

Seats are not guaranteed for applicants who do not complete the registration process and submit the $50 registration fee.

*Please note seats are limited and enrollment will be considered on a first received basis.

Please send the completed application:

via email:; or;
via fax (902) 567-1029 or;
by mail: 301 Alexandra Street, Sydney, NS B1S 2E8