Safety Training

Our Safety Training, Courses & Certifications are developed to be flexible in order to meet your needs, at your convenience.

We constantly strive to meet the most up-to-date safety training industry standards.

Our experienced faculty and staff are here to support your training needs and provide you with professional, expert safety training.

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Safety Training, Safety Courses, Safety Services and Safety Certification

Scaffold training at METI’s Sydney, Nova Scotia campus. Our facility, equipment and trainers compliment our Safety Training, Safety Courses, Safety Services and Safety Certification.


Our Diploma/Certificate Programs (Funding/Payment Options May be Available)

Environmental Health & Safety Technician
Class 1 Driver – Tractor Trailer
Construction & Oilfield Driver – Class 3
Pre-Employment Scaffold Program
Oilfield & Construction Skilled Labourer 

Oil Sands Safety Training (OSSA)

OSSA Confined Space Entry & Monitoring Training
OSSA Fall Protection Training
OSSA Fire Watch (Spark Watch) Training
OSSA Elevated Work Platform Training
OSSA Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)

Respiratory Safety Training - RPE Training

Respiratory Protective Equipment Training – RPE/APR/SCBA/Bottle Watch
Air Purifying Respirator Training – APR Training
H2S Alive Training – Enform
Gas Detection Training
Nitrogen Safety Training

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training 125
Confined Space Rescue Training(call for details)
Confined Space Hazardous Entry 225
Confined Space Refresher Training 90 (must have valid ticket)
OSSA Confined Space Entry & Monitoring Training
2 Day Workplace NL Confined Space Entry Training

Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training
OSSA Fall Protection Training
High Angle Rescue Training (NFPA standard 1006)
Rope Access SPRAT Certification Program
Working at Heights Training for Ontario
2 Day Workplace NL Fall Protection Training

Construction and Industrial Safety Training

Basic Frame Scaffold Training – Staging User & Erector Training
Basic Frame Scaffold Training – Staging User Training
Hoisting & Rigging Training
Blueprint & Plan Reading Training
Hand Tool Safety Training
Lockout Tagout Training
Basic Personal Protective Equipment – PPE Training
Power Line Hazard PLH Training
CSTS Construction Safety Training Systems
Ground Disturbance Training – Level 201
Trenching & Excavating Awareness Training
Pipeline Construction Safety Training – PCST Training
Petroleum Safety Training – PST Training Enform

Occupational Health & Safety Training

GHS 2015 WHMIS Training
Occupational Health & Safety Training – OH&S
Standard First Aid Training – Level C with CPR Training & AED Training (2 Day)
Emergency First Aid Training – Level A with CPR Training & AED Training (1 Day)
Workplace Violence and Harassment Awareness & Prevention Training
Substance Abuse Awareness and Prevention Training
Bloodborne Pathogens Training
BASICS.fst Training – Basic Food Safety Training
Basic Fire Safety Training

Driver & Operator Training

Forklift Operator Safety Training 
Zoom Boom Training – Rough Terrain Telehandler Safety Training
Aerial Lift Safety Training – Boom Lift And Scissor Lift Training
Aerial Lift Operator Safety Training – Boom Lift Training
Aerial Lift Operator Training – Scissor Lift Operator Safety
Skid Steer Operator Training
OSSA Elevated Work Platform Training
Professional Driver Improvement Course – PDIC Training
Defensive Driving Training
Air Brakes Training
Cargo Securement and Handling Training NSC Standard 10
Class 1 Tractor Trailer Refresher Course
Class 3 Driver Refresher Course

Off Road Safety Training

ATV and UTV Safety Training

Road Safety Training

Traffic Control Person Training (TCP)
Temporary Workplace Signage Training (TWS)
Alberta Flag Person Training – Alberta Flagger Training
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training – TDG

Environmental Remediation Training

Hazardous Waste Worker Training
Hazardous Waste Refresher Training
Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Training
Underground Storage Tank Removal Training – UST
Radiological Awareness Training
Asbestos Awareness Training
Asbestos Abatement Training
Mold Awareness Training
Mold Remediation Training
Lead Abatement Training
Lead Awareness Training

Safety Leadership Training

Hazardous Waste Supervisor Training
Foreman Preparedness Training
Incident Investigation Training
Joint Occupational Health & Safety Representative Training – JOHS
Hazard Assessment Training
Effective Supervision & Communication Training
Safety Auditor Training
Safety Supervision & Management Systems Training
Hazard Management Process Training – FLHA, JHA, JSA

Security Training

Alberta Basic Security Training

Workplace NL (Newfoundland) Safety Training

2 Day Workplace NL Fall Protection Training
2 Day Workplace NL Confined Space Entry Training
Workplace NL Power Line Hazard Training (PHL)

Wildlife Awareness Training

Wildlife Awareness Training

Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue Training
High Angle Rescue Training (NFPA standard 1006)
Tower Rescue Training
Pole Top Rescue Training

Scaffold Apprenticeship

SAIA Industrial Scaffold Apprenticeship Training First Year
SAIA Industrial Scaffold Apprenticeship Training Second Year
SAIA Industrial Scaffold Apprenticeship Training Third Year – Journeyperson

Special Training for Employers; SAIA Competent Person Training Modules

Training & Certification as a “Competent Person” in SAIA Frame Scaffold Training
Training & Certification as a “Competent Person” in SAIA Systems Scaffolds
Training & Certification as a “Competent Person” in SAIA Tube and Coupler (clamp) Scaffolds

Service Industry Training

Fundamentals for Success in the Service Industry
Advanced Service Industry Workplace Skills
BASICS.fst Training – Basic Food Safety Training

Young Drivers Training

Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) Exit Course / Defensive Driving Course
Young Drivers (Learn to Drive) with METI

Online Safety Courses

Visit our full catalogue of online safety courses

Incident Investigation Online Course
Safety Leadership Online Course
WHMIS Online Course
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods Online Course
Occupational Health & Safety Online Course – OH&S Online Course
JOHS Committee And Representative Online Course
Ground Disturbance Online Course
Nitrogen Handling Online Course
H2S Awareness Online Course
Fire Safety Online Course
Hazard Assessment Online Course
Substance Abuse Awareness & Prevention Online Course
Asbestos Safety Online Course
Mold Online Course
Bloodborne Pathogens Online Course

Benefits to Training at METI's Facility

Benefits to Training at METI’s Facility