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Basic Fire Safety Training

Basic Fire Safety Training prepares you to prevent fires by providing instruction on such topics as classification of fires, types of fire and fire behavior, types of extinguishers and uses, pre- se visual inspection of a fire extinguisher, extinguishing agents, proper sequence for extinguishing a fire, and successful completion of extinguishing a fire.
Our Fire Safety Training instructs you on fire extinguishers as storage containers for an agent like water or chemicals.  Extinguishers are designed to put out a small fire, not a large one. Extinguishers are labelled A,B,C or D.

Ensure you use the right extinguisher for the appropriate type of fire:

  • Ordinary Combustibles – Fires started with paper, wood, drapes and upholstery require a Class A type extinguisher.
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids – Fires originating from fuel oil, gasoline, paint, grease in a frying pan, solvents and other flammable liquids require a Class B type extinguisher.
  • Electrical Equipment – Fires started with wiring, overheated fuse boxes, conductors, and other electrical sources require a Class C type extinguisher.
  • Metals – Certain metals such as magnesium and sodium require a special dry powder Class D type extinguisher.

  • A multi-purpose dry chemical labelled ABC puts out most types of fires: wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquids and electrical fires. If you intend to buy more than one, you may want to purchase a BC for the kitchen, an A for the living room and an ABC for the basement and garage.

Basic Fire Safety Training Key Benefits

Our Fire Safety Course provides you with the training industry is looking for.

  • Instruction from industry-experienced instructors
  • Classification of fires and types of fire extinguishers
  • Strategies for putting out fires
  • Hands-on training
  • Virtual fire simulated on a large, transparent screen, permitting immediate correction of the student’s technique should it not be the method used by experts
  • Environmentally safe training
  • Hazard-free Fire Simulator Training

Fire Safety Training allows you to use our Virtual Fire Simulator; truly a technological breakthrough that satisfies both safety and environmental concerns while providing expert training on the use of fire extinguishers. Our Fire Safety Training is based upon the fact that fires start small (known as incipient fires) and may be extinguished by knowledgeable employees utilizing the proper equipment. Without this type of training, there is a much greater risk of the fire spreading and employees being injured while using an extinguisher improperly.

Watch METI Fire Safety Training instructor Harold Daigle use our Virtual Fire Simulator.


Your Basic Fire Safety Training Ticket/Certificate

Upon completion of this program, you will receive a wallet-size Fire Safety Ticket/Certificate, that will show you have the credentials. We keep your records on file permanently.  Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your Fire Safety Certification.

Please contact us at (902) 539-9766 or send us an email at for more information or to book your seat in our next class.

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