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Lockout Tagout Training

Lockout Tag-out Training will prepare you to effectively Lockout and Tag-out energy sources while working around machinery and equipment. Train to safely work on job sites which require working around energized equipment and or machinery. Our Lockout Tag-out course trains you to ensure that dangerous machines are properly shut off and unable to be started up again prior to the completion of maintenance or servicing work. When you receive your Lockout Tag-out Ticket, you will be able to make hazardous energy sources “isolated and rendered inoperative” before work is started on energized equipment.

Lockout Tag-out Training Key Benefits

  • Instruction from industry-experienced and certified instructors
  • The importance of locking out machinery & equipment
  • The hazardous of the types of energy
  • Practices and procedures involved in placing a Lock Out Tag Out device

Your Lockout Tag-out Training Ticket/Certificate

Upon completion of this training program, you will receive a wallet-size Ticket/Certificate that will show prospective employers that you have the right credentials. We keep your records on file permanently.  Feel free to have your prospective employer contact METI to confirm your Lockout Tag-out certificate.

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