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METI is proud to serve as Atlantic Canada’s accredited training institute for the Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) and SAIA Apprenticeship. Training takes just 7 weeks to complete and is the first step toward the North American-wide recognized SAIA Industrial Scaffold Apprenticeship Training Program.
Let us help you become a competent person for frame, tube and coupler, and systems scaffolds.

Frame Scaffold builds are one of the most commonly used scaffold system in the construction industry. This scaffold consists of welded steel or aluminum frames connected by cross braces to form a framework to support planks or other platform systems.

Tube & Coupler (Clamp) is a versatile type of scaffold, consisting of aluminum tubes and clamps. Tube and Clamp is best suited for refineries, oil and gas plants and other industrial settings due to its versatility.

System Scaffold is made up of different sized vertical posts and horizontal and diagonal members. Because it is as quick as Frame yet as versatile as Tube and Clamp it is used in the same work environments as Tube and Clamp.


Course Outline

SAIA’s Competent Person’s Training for Frame, Tube & Coupler(clamp) & Systems Scaffolds.
H2S Alive (ESC)
Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS)
ESC Common Safety Orientation
ESC Fall Protection
ESC Confined Space Entry & Monitor
Fall Protection (NS)
Newfoundland Fall Protection
Working at Heights (Ontario)
Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED (CSA Intermediate) Training (2 Day)

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

METI’s Training curriculum is specified and approved by SAIA’s Competent Person’s Training for Frame, Tube and Coupler (clamp), and Systems Scaffolds and taught by Experienced Journeyman Instructors.

Our core training not only provides you with SAIA curriculum, it also gives you certifications from a number of nationally recognized organizations, including...

Scaffold Training Ticket/Certification

When you complete METI’s Scaffold Training, you will receive an SAIA Scaffold Erector Ticket recognized across North America. Your Ticket/Certificate, will show prospective employers that you have the right credentials.
We keep your records on file permanently. Prospective employers may require confirmation of your credentials. Feel free to have them contact METI to confirm your SAIA Scaffold Erector Certification.

What you need to Apply:

  • A completed application form
  • An updated resume
  • A transcript of your 12 marks (or GED) OR take a Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) at our campus.

Application and Financing Options

Our Admissions team is here to help you with any enrollment questions you have about the application process click here, and to provide information about funding/financing options  that may be available to you click here. Contact our admissions team today: 902-539-9766, (toll free) 1-877-800-6384 or email

Industry Endorsement

‘METI started a training program tailored to support the needs of Eastern Canadians that provides not only industrial training, but training that meets all the requirements for easy transition into the Alberta Oil Sands for all his successful students. Not only does this assist the students in finding viable employment, it also supplies revenue and spending in the Eastern Provinces.

I had the pleasure of visiting METI as they were graduating a scaffold training class. I found their facility to be top notch and as a fellow training provider I was envious of the ideal practical and theoretical training set up. The practical area uses all 3 major scaffold types (system; brace and frame; and tube and coupler) and includes some skids that allows the students to navigate their scaffold designs in a realistic environment.

The computer lab allows the instructors to use all of today’s technology to ensure that all the students are well versed in SAIA Best Practices; OH&S Codes; and CSA Standards. This combination has produced some exceptional workers and that have a great head start in the scaffolding industry. I have personally hired some of these graduates and they have been successful in completing their scaffolding apprenticeships.

Since the start of this institute they have added the Journeyman Scaffolder Course to their available deliveries. I have met and have much respect for their trainers and all their supporting staff. I would not hesitate to ever refer anyone interested in industry training to attend this facility.’
Rick Beaulieu
Construction Manager
REDI Energy Services


We have developed a great relationship with METI and their Pre-Employment Scaffolding Program over the past five years. Numerous graduates have been employed by Panels and Pipes and are always very well prepared to begin their careers as Scaffolders. They are well trained, knowing and understanding the basics of scaffolding and how to construct it safely. Along with their SAIA Scaffolding accreditation and added safety certifications METI graduates are always on the top of our list when hiring new Scaffolders.
Mark Callaghan
Project Coordinator Panels and Pipes Mechanical Services


METI has been providing excellent service, and reliable training for CLAC for many years. Their diverse course offerings, from ESC certifications to SAIA Pre-Employment and journeyperson scaffold training has proven to be extremely valuable to us. Our continued strong relationship with METI allows CLAC members to access training in Eastern Canada. METI instructors are knowledgeable and have shown a real passion for ensuring our members are trained to the highest industry standards.
Elmer Haan,
Program Manager CLAC

METI continues to build relationships that benefit our business, our students, and the employers. Our graduates are hired by employers who visit our campus to recruit.

Pictured left to right are: Leyna Sledz, Cornerstone Industrial Ltd; Elmer Haan, Program Manager, CLAC; Joe Pembroke of METI; Floyd Houle, Senior Scaffold Manager, ClearStream Energy Services; Stewart VanDyke, Critical Safety & SAIA; Rick Beaulieu, Quinn Contracting Ltd.



Thanks METI good course.
Paul Kennedy – Dec 2018

For steps to becoming a Journey-person click here.

Start Date: Apr. 24, 2023

End Date: Jun.9, 2023

Duration: 7 Weeks (280 Hours)

Total Cost: $4,495.00

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