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In May 2018 METI and YOUNG DRIVERS® (YD) began their partnership with METI purchasing the YOUNG DRIVERS® Cape Breton franchise.

METI added Driving Programs to their Career College in 2014 with Class 3, in 2015 with Class 1 and now offers Class 5  Drivers Education with YOUNG DRIVERS®. The blend of METI and YOUNG DRIVERS® is a perfect fit. 

A YOUNG DRIVERS® Course is the best insurance you can buy for a new driver. YD has spent over 40 years developing programs and YD updates and improves it every year. The YD program is designed for a new driver, any driver looking to improve their skills or confidence or new residents to Canada; ANY AGE.

Why Young Drivers?
  • Over 1.3 Million YOUNG DRIVERS® Graduates
  • Over 45 Years in the Driver Education Industry
  • Best Driving Instructors – YOUNG DRIVERS® is the Only Driving School to Annually Re-certify Our Instructors. Our instructors must complete an intense one month training program before being certified to instruct.
  • Convenient Driving Classes & Course Times
  • School Pickup and Convenient Pickup Locations For In-Car Driving Lessons
  • The Only ISO 9000 Driving Program in the Country

YD believes that Evasive Maneuvers are an important part of your learning experience. We teach these skills in car, because that’s where you will need them.

YOUNG DRIVERS® program is a recognized approved course to shorten the waiting time for road test, may reduce insurance costs and no further courses will be required to exit all the phases of the Graduated Licence System after the required waiting periods.

“YOUNG DRIVERS® of Canada, We Save Lives. Our exclusive program instills confidence behind the wheel by teaching new drivers safe driving skills. Experience the YD difference”.

The YD COURSE includes:

The YD Course is an RMV approved, graduated licensing system program aimed at helping new drivers learn the skills needed to pass their driver’s test and stay safe on the roads for a lifetime. This 35 hour driving program featuring our Collisionfree! Approach is intuitive, with interactive theory and driving lessons.

This program has two components:
1) Classroom learning (25 hours)
2) In-car lessons (10 hours)

The classroom theory and private one-on-one in-car lessons are provided by provincially approved, annually re-certified instructors, with all necessary COVID-19 safety precautions in place.

Throughout the course, each student will learn how crashes happen and how to prevent them. For over 50 years, YD has been committed to helping every student become a responsible, competent driver that knows what to do when the real thing happens. We teach our students our exclusive system of 4 habits and 20 sub-habits.

The YD Course + Road Test includes:Our Best Seller

This package includes all the benefits of the YD Course with the addition of a Road Test Pkg consisting of a 15 minute pre-test warm-up time with your YD Instructor, the use of the YD car for your road test and the support of your YD instructor.

This 37.5 hour driving program featuring our Collisionfree! Approach is intuitive, with interactive theory and driving lessons.

This program has three components:
1)Classroom learning (25 hours)
2)In-car lessons (10 hours)
3)Road test package (2.25 hours)

Our road test package helps prepare you for your road test with a review lesson, warmup lesson on test day and use of the instructor’s vehicle.

Practice Always Makes Perfect

A big part of driving is cognitive. The ability to think, and make decisions quickly, as everything happens fast while driving. This is why we include a full cognitive training tool with every YD course. The perfect way to train your brain, while learning the skills and habits, in-car.

Other Packages and Lessons

Whether you need a few lessons to sharpen your skills for driving in a new country or because you haven’t driven in awhile, we offer multiple packages to suit everyone’s needs.

Defensive Driving:

New drivers who have not attended a drivers education program are required to attend this course, to have the “N” removed from your licence. See more information.

For more details on these, other course packages or to learn more about YOUNG DRIVERS® of Cape Breton please visit the or call (902) 562-5359

YD Course
Sydney Class Days: December 4, 4, 10, 11, 2022

Sydney Class Days: January 14, 15, 21, 22, 2023

YD Course
Port Hawkesbury Class Days:December 3, 4, 10, 11, 2022

Defensive Driving- Sydney
Oct 22, 2022

Please call us at
(902)-562-5359, or email or visit our Sydney Campus at 301 Alexandra Street.

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Quick Contact


Jamie Buist

I would like to thank METI for the great SAIA scaffold course they put on.  I was able to find work right here in Sydney thanks, METI.
Derek Gouthro – I just received a call from Kiewit (scaffolding).  Thank you,
everyone at M.E.T.I.!

Jamie Buist

Pre-Employment Scaffold Program

Chad Johnston – Nov 2018:

Hey folks just finishing up my scaffolding course great course to take all the
instructors great people! Big shout out to Gerard, Chris, uncle Harold, Paul, and Brian for making this experience a good one, excellent course folks high
recommend it!

Chad Johnston

Pre-Employment Scaffold Program

Jolene MacNeil – June 2016: 

As a recent graduate of the SAIA (Scaffold and Access Industry Association) Program (June, 2016) as well as the Environmental Health and Safety Program (fall, 2015).

I just wanted to thank all the dedicated staff at METI, especially Gerard Jessome, for passing along their infinite knowledge, skills and contacts during my training. With Gerard’s assistance, I was offered a position with Brock Canada Field Services immediately following the
completion of my course. As a “mature” female student who has never worked in the oil and gas industry, I believe this opportunity presented itself on the basis of the excellent training provided by METI, and the respect they have earned for producing well qualified graduates. Keep up the great work!

Jolene MacNeil

Pre-Employment Scaffold Program

Liam MacNeil – July 2018:

I’d like to thank everyone at METI for the great SAIA Pre-Employment program. Got a job with Redi-Energy on Suncor’s Fort Hills site before the course was even over!

Awesome program, everything we learned in class is being applied daily. Special thanks to Gerard Jessome for being a great instructor and helping me get a job.

Liam MacNeil

Pre-Employment Scaffold Program

Elmer Haan  – Sept 2017: 

Program Manager

METI has been providing excellent service, and reliable training for CLAC for many years. Their diverse course offerings, from ESC certifications to SAIA Pre-Employment and journeyperson scaffold training has proven to be extremely valuable to us. Our continued strong relationship with METI allows CLAC members to access training in Eastern Canada. METI instructors are knowledgeable and have shown a real passion for ensuring our members are trained to the highest industry standards. Brian Carrier reviewed METI Maritime Environmental Training Institute — 5 star May 11, 2018. I attended METI's courses and I am very satisfied with the training they gave me. I would like to thank my instructor Gerard Jessome providing me with quality training. I am now a 3rd year scaffolder soon to be journeyman.

METI has been with me every step of the way and has been instrumental in my success. Within 2 months of completing the program, I had found employment. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work for Quinn Construction at 28$ per hour. Then I worked for PCL as a second year for 36$ per hour. Then I became third year with a salary of 38,75$ per hour. I am now working for AEcom with an hourly rate of 36$. The drop-in wage aside, with my overtime hours, my income has remained the same.

Thanks to METI, I went from having a job to having a career I am proud of.

Elmer Haan

Pre-Employment Scaffold Program

Mark Callaghan – Sept 2017: 

Project Coordinator
Panels and Pipes Mechanical Services

We have developed a great relationship with METI and their Pre-Employment Scaffolding Program over the past five years. Numerous graduates have been employed by Panels and Pipes and are always very well prepared to begin their careers as Scaffolders. They are well trained, knowing and understanding the basics of scaffolding and how to construct it safely. Along with their SAIA Scaffolding accreditation and added safety certifications METI graduates are always on the top of our list when hiring new Scaffolders.

Mark Callaghan

Pre-Employment Scaffold Program

Keith MacIntyre

This program is hands down the best in the industry. The
training I received prepared me for just about every situation I ran into when I began working in the oil and gas industry in Alberta. I could answer questions without hesitation, and put my words into action. I worked from an entry level safety watch position to a team lead position in my first year, by the end of my third year in the oil patch I was an HSEQ Manager overseeing several sites.

Keith MacIntyre

Environmental Health Safety Technician

Leigh Blinkhorn – June 2017:

When I graduated from the EHST program in 2011, I immediately started work as a Health and Safety Advisor with Commissioning Group. From there, I worked with Kentz, MMR, and KFFT.

My employers were so impressed with the caliber of my training and the working knowledge that I possessed, that they funded further training for me (Tap Root investigation, etc.). I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to teach this program. Their support continued long after I left METI.

Leigh Blinkhorn

Environmental Health Safety Technician

Donna Lea Kehoe – Jan 2018:

In 2015 I had no job, no prospects and not very much self confidence, when I was told about METIs environmental tech. course by Jean Chisholm of Nova Scotia Works. I graduated in July 2015 with alot of tickets but no real idea of what to do with what I had. After many closed doors METI invited me to a job fair for Sulzer Chemtech. After working for them for the last 2 years, I got married in April, I just bought my very first new car and I hope to be in my own home sometime in the not to distant future. I loved my experience at METI & I love my job with Sulzer.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Donna Lea Kehoe

Environmental Health Safety Technician

Jay Budd – July 2018:

After fulfilling my Environmental Health and Safety Technicians Diploma in
February, I was recently hired on in Saint John, NB with a contracted company, working at the Irving Oil Refinery as a Safety Coordinator! They were very impressed with the number of courses I graduated with. They give you the hands- on experience and plenty of courses you need to get to where ever it is you may want to be! So grateful to have taken this course and highly recommend it to anyone who would like to get into the Safety field!!

Thank you METI

Jay Budd

Environmental Health Safety Technician